A Message from the Owner, Lorne Stapleton

homepage photo (Feb 2015)Retiring from the meat market business has allowed me to bring my sausage making skills and recipes to the local Farmers Markets. The response has been encouraging.
At Chef’s Natural Sausage, we pride ourselves in using lean ground, locally raised meats from the Fraser Valley. Customers appreciate that we don’t use nitrates, msg, gluten, or dairy (we use dairy in our new Chipotle Cheddar sausage only). Adding natural herbs and spices to high quality ground meats, stuffed into natural casings, makes a healthy sausage that the whole family can enjoy.
During the summer and winter Farmers Markets, we have fun grilling our sausage on the BBQ and handing out samples. Adults and children alike overwhelm us with compliments and comments such as:
“There’s no grease in this sausage!”
“I don’t usually eat sausage, but these are great!”
“I quit eating sausage years ago, but I like these!”
“Mom, try this one! Can we buy some?”
Hopefully soon, you too will have your own compliments about our high quality, natural sausage!